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Вариант 01

Просмотров: 98
Тип работы: Контрольная
Название предмета: Английский язык
Тема/вариант: Вариант 01
Объем работы: 6
Дата выполнения: 2019-04-22
Размер файла, тип файла: 63 Kb, DOC
Методические указания: Письменное контрольное задание (82 Kb)
Автор: Проскура Я.В.
Год издания: 2018

1. Choose the correct word for each sentence. (20 баллов)
1) The most severe _____ is imprisonment.
a) punishment  b) crime    c) mistake
2) There are detailed _________ of prisoners’ life.
a) laws   b) regulations   c) situations
3) Fine is the most common penalty and it has a lot of  _______   .
a) advantages    b) problems   c) reasons
4) Compensation is ________ in some countries as an alternative to prison.
a) popular    b)  typical      c) ancient
5) Other  __________  to prison is disqualification. 
a) variant     b) alternative      c) difference
6) In most countries capital punishment is __________  .
a) prevented    b) abolished     c) postponed
7)  ___________ of capital punishment believe that death is a just punishment for certain serious crimes.
a) supporters       b)  offers      c) executors
8) Opponents argue that _____________ is cruel and uncivilized.
a) execution    b) evolution    c)  exertion
9) The Prison Services in England, Wales and Scotland have a duty to  _________ prisoners for release.
a) assist   b ) help     c) prepare
10) The _________  of release programs is to help ex-prisoners re-adapt to society.
a) aim      b)  idea     c)   problem 
2. Use the correct word in each sentence form the words below.  (20 баллов)
1) Planning for  release   includes _________and getting work experience. 
2) It is directed at  ________ prisoners back into society.
3) Full time education is ________ for young offenders below school leaving age.
4) The prisoners work in the  ______   community and return to the hostel every evening.
5) All young offenders  are ________ on release by probation service.
6) In some societies the family is thought to be so important that there is very little _________  in family life. 
7) In Sweden, parents can be prosecuted for  ____________ punishing their children.
8) Divorce  ___________ in England take place in certain County Courts known as divorce county courts.
9) Civil liberties are freedoms that are  _________  to the individual.
10) Civil rights ________ certain general human needs and interests,
3. Answer the questions on the topics “Crime and Punishment”, “Branches of Law”.
(10 баллов)
1) What alternatives to imprisonment are used in Great Britain?
2) What are the advantages of a fine?
3) Why is there little intervention into family life in many European countries?
4) What civil liberties and civil rights are guaranteed by constitutions of most countries?
5) How can you define civil liberties?
4. Do grammar exercises.
Translate the sentences into Russian. (30 баллов)
1. He was known to be an experienced lawyer.
2. The train was heard to approach.
3. The performance was expected to be a success.
4. The poem is believed to be written by an unknown author.
5. They seem to have heard all about it.
6. The meeting is unlikely to take place.
7. The data have been admitted to be incorrect.
8. This approach was found to be inefficient.
9. These results may be presumed to be successful.
10.The investigation was announced to proceed satisfactorily.
11. The crime rate proved to be increasing.
12. Conditions would be better if there were fewer prisoners.
13. If parents brought up their children properly, there would not be so many juvenile delinquents.
14. If laws were stricter, people would not commit fewer crimes.
15. If the driver had not been drunk, the consequences of the accident would not have been so tragic.
 5. Read the text below and write which statements are true and which are false.
(20 баллов)

One evening a thief broke into a house in the village of Lachelle. The owners were not there because they had gone to visit some friends. The thief had not eaten all day and was extremely hungry. He found a packet of biscuits in the kitchen and ate them. He then felt thirsty and, finding a bottle of champagne in the fridge, drank that. The thief felt sleepy and decided to have a little rest before robbing the house. Unfortunately, he did not wake up and the owners of the house found him on their bed when they returned. He was still asleep when the police arrived.
1) One evening a thief broke into a bank.
2) The owners were at home and called the police.
3) The thief was not hungry.
4) The thief ate the biscuits he found in the kitchen.
5) He also drank a bottle of champagne.
6) After drinking champagne, he fell asleep.
7) He woke up in time and left the house before the owners came.
8) The owners did not see the man who had broken into their house.
9) When the owners returned the house was empty.
10) When the police arrived the thief was still sleeping.

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