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Вариант 02

Просмотров: 94
Тип работы: Контрольная
Название предмета: Английский язык
Тема/вариант: Вариант 02
Объем работы: 4
Дата выполнения: 2019-04-22
Размер файла, тип файла: 43.5 Kb, DOC
Методические указания: Письменное контрольное задание (87 Kb)
Автор: Шпак Н.О.
Год издания: 2018

1. Choose the correct word from a, b or c (20 баллов)
1 When I _______ the application form, I saw my previous employer.
a. Filled in    b. was filling in     c. have filled in
2 In 2015 I ______  an American company.
a. worked for     b. has worked for    c. was working in
3 Charles _______ for a job for 6 months.
a. has been looking    b. has looked    c. is looking
4 He ______ leave his firm because it became bankrupt.
a. must    b. could     c. had to
5 If he _____ the elections, he’ll become a president.
a. wins    b. will win    c. win
6 If my visa ran out, I ______ it
a. renew    b. will renew    c. would renew
7 London is _______ than Paris.
a. the most expensive    b. more expensive    c. most expensive
8 Oxford is one of ______ universities in Europe.
a. the oldest    b. older    c. old
9 Madrid is ______ than Rom.
a. expensive    b. more expensive    c. most expensive
10 Cafes in London are ______ than cafes in Paris.
a. worst    b. bad    c. worse
2. Put down the missing words (20 баллов)
1 The election ________ place next week.
2 The _______ is not the ruler in the UK.
3 Write your first name here and your _____ underneath.
4 Will you need to _______ a visa if you go to the United States?
5 Every four/six years people _______ a new president.
6 The government have policies to ________the country.
7 I was surprised that nobody _______ my passport when we arrived in Germany.
8 When you applied for the ______ , you told us you had 5 years experience.
9 The major task of the _______ is to find a suitable candidate for the vacant position.
10 The ______ of application normally contains two parts.
3. Answer the questions. (10 баллов)
1. What do you like best about living in your country?
2. What would you miss if you lived abroad?
3. Do you know any foreigners living in your country?
4. What do they like about it? What do they find different?
5. What social problems are there in your country?
4. Put the verb into the right form. (30 баллов)
1 The secretary _____ (read) the cover letter, when the telephone rang.
2 Two years ago he ______ (do) a few training courses.
3 You ______ (work) since the early morning. You should make a break.
4 If you showed your identity card, you _______  (not be) at the police station now.
5 He _______ (finish) making his CV by the time she arrived.
6 The company _______ (recruit) him 3 years ago.
7 I _______ (already decide) to change my job.
8 Life in the country is ______ (slow) than city life.
9 Tokyo is _______ (organized) than New York.
10 Novosibirsk is one of _______ (big) cities in Russia.
11 If I ______ (be) you I would attend the interview.
12 If she ______ (win) the competition, she will get the promotion.
13 After I _______ (graduate from) the university, I will become a famous politician.
14 If I _____ (can speak) perfect English, I would pass this exam and got a high rate.
15 If I were rich, I _____ (travel) round the world.
5. Read two texts. Mark if the statements below are true or false (20 баллов)
Endre Boros
aged 45, from Hungary
Endre is a mathematician at Rutgers University, New Jersey. He came from Budapest thirteen years ago. 'I had an opportunity to come here for two years.' After a year, his wife came to join him, and since then they've had a daughter, so they decided to stay.
At first it was very strange. Everything is so big here,' he says. 'I started to feel happy when I bought a car. Now I go everywhere by car. In Hungary, we only use the car at weekends, but here your car is part of your life. Nobody walks anywhere.'
How does he find the people? ‘Very friendly. The first question everybody asks you is "Where are you from?" People talk to you here, they start conversations. I like the fact that there are people from all over the world.'
What about the way of life? 'The thing I like best is the independence. Nobody tells me what to do. Here you can do what you want, so you learn to make decisions for yourself. I feel in control’.
Yuet Tung
aged 31, from Hong Kong
Yuet Tung is her Chinese name, but in English she's known as Clara. She came to the US eight years ago and studied fine art. Now she works on Madison Avenue for a publisher. She married a Vietnamese American three years ago, and they live in Long island. They don't have any children yet.
What does she think of living in New York? 'It's very similar to Hong Kong. It's a busy city, very exciting, and people walk very fast! I like the stores here. They're huge, and it’s cheaper than Hong Kong. But you need a car here, in Hong Kong everyone uses public transportation, because it's good and it's cheap. At first I hated driving here, but it’s OK now.'
What does she like best? ‘The space. Here I live in a house with a yard. In Hong Kong it is so crowded. And the people are friendly. When I go jogging, everyone says "Hi!" And the food is from every country in the world.'
1 Endre walks everywhere.
2 Best of all he likes the fact that there are people from all over the world.
3 Endre and his wife came to New Jersey thirteen years ago.
4 Nobody tells him what to do.
5 When Endre bought a car he started to feel happy.
6 She likes the stores in New York.
7 Yuet lives in a small flat in Long island.
8 Yuet can’t drive.
9 She isn’t married.
10 She doesn’t have any children.

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