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Просмотров: 56
Тип работы: Контрольная
Название предмета: Английский язык
Тема/вариант: Общее задание
Объем работы: 3
Дата выполнения: 2019-04-28
Размер файла, тип файла: 38.5 Kb, DOC
Методические указания: Инструкция по выполнению контрольного задания (33 Kb)

1. Complete the sentences with the words from the box.
thief,    smuggler,     an offender,    terrorists,   a traitors,      a mugger,    accomplice,      forger,    robber,   a burglar
1. Don’t let anyone approach to you in the street – that might be _______ .
2. The first time _______ is treated  less severely than one who already has a criminal record.
3. _______ could easily get into this house if he wanted to.
4. Although the _______ were never caught, it is commonly believed that they were working for the government.
5. The _______ had been very clever, and had taken great care not to leave any fingerprints or other marks.
6. She was shocked to learn that the painting she inherited was not original but made by a famous _______ .
7. So far, the police say, the _______ has taken videos, TVs and cash.
8. The Customs men caught the _______ .
9. He could not have carried out this murder without at least one _______ .
10. _______ have claimed responsibility for the bomb blast which killed 20 people.
2.  Use the correct preposition.
11. ____ the way to the Academy I met a friend of mine.
12.  Don’t allow the children to play ____ the street.
13. When did you arrive ____ England?
14. What is this cheese made ____ ?
15. His room is ____ the second floor ____ the left ____ the door.
16. He refused from this offer _____ some unknown reason.
17. I am not going to put ____    ____ his behavior.
18. After his father’s death he was ____ deep sorrow.
19. What did he die _____ ?
20. This book belonged _____ to my grandparents.
21. We decided to go ____ holiday ____ train.
22. Robinson Crusoe lived ____ a small island ____ the middle ____ the ocean.
23. Our train stops ____ every station.
24. They are good _____ English and German.
25. I can’t find Tom _____ this photo.
3. Turn the verb form in the following sentences into the Passive voice.
26. The firefighters had put out the house only by midnight.
27. They called the police immediately after the accident.
28. The mechanic is just fixing my car in the garage.
29. I have prepared the materials for the trial.
30. Air Canada cancelled our flight because of windy weather.
31. You can’t see the house from the street.
32. They will not correct our papers before Friday.
33. Someone must have taken the documents out of the table.
34. The hurricane destroyed many homes on the island.
4. Translate the sentences from Russian into English.
35. Обвиняемого приговорили к 10 годам тюремного заключения.
36. Полиция допросила подозреваемого и задержала его до утра.
37. Если этот знаменитый адвокат возьмется за ваше дело, я почти уверен в положительном исходе.
38. Он был дважды арестован за нарушение общественного порядка.
39. Мы подозреваем его в совершении этого преступления, но он не признает себя виновным.
40. Если вы обвиняете кого-то в правонарушении, вы должны представить веские доказательства.
41. Думаю, ему придется заплатить штраф.
42. Присяжные решили, что он невиновен.
5. Read the text and mark if the following sentences are true or false.
Mr. and Mrs. Barker were having a quiet day ay home. Their 17-year-old daughter was away in Scotland staying with a friend. At 12 noon, Mr. and Mrs. Barker had a phone call from the friend where their daughter was staying. They said that the girl had disappeared. The parents were going to call the police when the phone rang again. A hoarse voice informed Mr. Barker that their daughter had been kidnapped and unless he paid a ransom of 1000 dollars he would never see his daughter alive again. The voice gave him instructions about where and when to hand over the money. The voice warned Mr. Barker not to tell the police or to attempt to have the phone traced. Mr. Barker went to the bank and immediately withdrew the money out of his bank account and left on the next train to Brighton. When he arrived, he entered the Grand Hotel at five to six and carefully placed the briefcase beside a sofa as arranged. At six o’clock precisely, a woman in a scarf and raincoat approached, took the briefcase and walked away quickly.
At 10 p.m. the same evening, to his great relief, his daughter returned home. She could hardly refrain from laughing. Imagine Mr. Barker’s surprise when she handed him his briefcase containing the 1000 dollars. It turned out that she and her friend had decided to play a practical joke.  The parents did not appreciate the joke as much as their daughter did.
                    True or false?
43. Mr. and Mrs. Barker were staying in Scotland with their daughter.
44. They had a call from their friends.
45. The ransom was 1000 dollars.
46. Mr. Barker refused to give the ransom and called the police.
47. The parents laughed with their daughter at the practical joke.
6. Ask 3 questions to the text.


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